• Jakob Thorkild: Devotional. Kontentum, 2018. (LP/Digital)
  • Jakob Thorkild: Be Strong. Tyrfing Music, 2016.  (LP/Digital) Buy record
  • Jakob Thorkild: Art Sleaze. Tyrfing Music, 2014. (LP/Digital) Buy record
  • Jakob Thorkild: Digitized Mechanized Electrofied. Self-released, 2009 (7″ vinyl)
  • Jakob Thorkild: 4 Pieces for Prepared Electric Guitar. Self-released, 2008 (7″ vinyl)


Jakob Thorkild: Ulvehunger. Kontentum, 2017 (book 43 pages).
Jakob Thorkild: Musikhistorier. Tyrfing, 2014 (book 180 pages and blog)
Jakob Thorkild: Improvised Music. Edition Wilhelm Hansen, 2011 (book 174 pages). Buy book


Jakob Thorkild: Flowers of Noise and Colour. Sound installation. Risk Reclaim Entertain, 2010
Jakob Thorkild: State Your Name. Sound installation. Aarhus Hovedbibliotek, 2007
Jakob Thorkild: Name and Rang – sign it anywhere. Aarhus Hovedbibliotek, 2007
Jakob Thorkild: Priest of Dance. Video installation. Literaturhause, 2006
Jakob Thorkild: The Machine is Working. Lydinstallation. PLEX, 2006



BodaBoda Duo & Peter Brötzmann: Modern Persuasion. Tyrfing 2015, Album (LP/Digital). Buy albumDeers Of Darkness: Wartime Stories. Tyring, 2013

BodaBoda Duo & Fred Lonberg-Holm: Hårdt Ængstes Alle. Tyrfing 2012, Album (LP). Buy album
BodaBoda Duo: The Rich And The Famous. Your Favourite Music, 2010. Album (LP/CD/Digital)
Marie Key Band: Hver Sin Vej. SONY/BMG, 2008. Album (CD/Digital)
BodaBoda Duo. Custom Knife Carriers. Self-released, 2008. Album (CD)
Marie Key Band: Udtales [Kæi]. SONY/BMG, 2006. Album (CD/Digital)
BodaBoda Duo: Exotic Lifestyle. Honningmand Records, 2006. Album (CD)
BodaBoda Duo: BodaBoda Duo. Honningmand Records, 2004. Album (CD)
Lunar: Lunar. Self-released. 1996. Album (CD)


Jakob Thorkild: Electric string quartet for the performance ‘BLOOD’ by Thomas Hejlesen. 2018. Score/Recording
Jakob Thorkild & Nicolai Abrahamsen: NOX TENEBRAE Part I & II. Kontentum, 2017.  Album (LP/Digital) Buy album
Jakob Thorkild: The Badge ‘Art Sleaze’, 2014. Limited edition badge
Jakob Thorkild: Hårdt Ængstes Alle – the t-shirt, 2012. Limited edition t-shirt
Jakob Thorkild: Annual recurring festival for improvised music – Copenhagen Improv 2009 – 2013
Jakob Thorkild: Dedicate Yourself – Exotic Lifestyle, 2006. Limited edition t-shirt
Jakob Thorkild: Tape noise reel-to-reel. 2006. Postcard
Jakob Thorkild & Nicolai Abrahamsen: I Skrivende Stund. 2006. Music & dance performance