Jakob Thorkild Overgaard (1976) is a danish composer, musician and writer. Since his album debut in 1996 he has primarily worked within the field of avantgarde, improvisation and conceptual sound. But is now working in the direction of ‘neo classical’ composing and production.

He has for many years been part of the musical scene in Copenhagen and has written the book ‘Improvised Music – Essays & Interviews’ (Edition Wilhelm Hansen, 2011) as well as many essays and poetry.

He has released numerous albums as a composer and musician – both individually and in collaborations for example with Peter Brötzmann (DE), Fred Lonberg-Holm (US), P.O. Jørgens (DK), Bjørn Heebøll (DK), Sture Ericson (SE), Marie Key (DK) to name a few.

Jakob Thorkild Overgaard a member of the teaching staff at The Royal Academy Of Music Dep. Aalborg and has for many years worked as an external lecturer at the University Of Copenhagen.

Contact: info@jakobthorkild.dk
Label: www.kontentum.net