News (14.12.19)

I’m very grateful for the oppertunity to write a few lyrics for forthcoming album by dear friend Tomas Raae.

Here’s a sample:

Since the box had been locked for so many years nobody knew what was inside. The rattling sound when he shook it was indeterminable; coins from old market places in Venice, bullets for the hand gun of the French army, beautiful coloured tiny balls of glass, small stones gathered from the field just out side the window – the home of the quiet sheeps.

News (27.10.19)

-This fall I’m playing a series 6 short concerts at Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, for private audience. Compositions for acoustic guitar. Special thanks to Museum Jorn and Nicki Juhl.

News (16.05.19)

– Just finished 2 wonderful days of playing concerts with old friend and mentor P.O. Jørgens. Special thanks to Art Break Hotel Gallery, Aalborg and artist Nils Sloth

News (11.04.19)

– The streaming-release will take place during the next few weeks. Starting from tomorrow with the 1st single release on Spotify:

– The album Devotional has received some really positive reviews.

12th of April: Devotional I
26th of April: Nearness
10th of May: Full album release

The Lake Radio has playlistet 2 tracks from the album – for that I’m very grateful & proud.

– I’m currently working close together with good friend and collegue Tomas Raae. We producing music for meditation & are curating a playlist for streaming.

News (24.11.2018)

Today is the release of the final chapter of the album trilogy ‘Grenzganger’. The last album, ‘Devotional’, is recorded with the very great vocalist Anna Mose and the just as great Andrea Rebekka Alsted on electric violin. I’m so grateful for their participation.

The release will be maked by an artist talk at DRIFT in Silkeborg. In conversation with artist Jacob Juhl the trilogy will be discussed and there will be time for Q&A.

Special thanks to Andrea, Anna and Jacob.

News (06.10.18)

Today marks the opening of the performance ‘BLOOD’ by the amazing artist Thomas Hejlesen at Den Fynske Opera. The performance is based on the very famous poems by Edith Södergran and the very talented actress Lisbeth Sonne will be the only performer on stage. I’m very proud to have composed music for this performance. Music written for electric string quartet, Messer Quartet – led by the absolutely fantastic Andrea Rebekka Alsted.

I’m so grateful to be working with these artists. Thank you.